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ADC takes on projects that are beyond the capabilities of most others. Because of the diversity and flexibility of ADC's in-house operations, the company can perform even the most complex jobs without relying on outside contractors. The company is vertically integrated with complete manufacturing capabilities to support the engineering core of ADC. For example, ADC has built an entire, 1/4 scale model jet engine, from a print, manufacturing every component part in-house. One "Fortune 100" customer recently commented that ADC was the only company in the world capable of completing their job.

For an SAE Show in Detroit, ADC designed and built a fully operational, computerized suspension system which was integrated with a "big screen" monitor that depicted an actual roadway with changing terrain and direction. The display demonstrated how the suspension system reacted as the terrain and direction changed. In addition to the demonstration value of the display, it also attracted countless people to the customer's booth. This is an expression of our Automation.

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