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ADC Headquarters

ADC is located near the "Cross Roads of America" I-75/I-70.

Headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, Adaptive Development Corporation serves customers worldwide, including the majority of the "Fortune 100", from our 42,000 square foot facility, which includes CAD, CAM, machine, CNC, fabrication, sheet metal, woodwork, grind and polish, paint, assembly, and test.

ADC has been named to Inc. Magazine's Ranking of the 500 Fastest Growing Companies in America (# 334). ADC has also received the prestigious "Small Business Award," presented by The Dayton (Ohio) Business Reporter.

We take on projects that are beyond the capabilities of most others. Because of the diversity and flexibility of ADC's in-house operations, the company can perform even the most complex jobs without relying on outside contractors. For example, ADC has built an entire, 1/4 scale model jet engine, from a print, manufacturing every component part in-house.


ADC is a full-service engineering, machining and fabrication operation, focused in five major areas:

  • Cutaways - Product cutaways, active displays and models, and other product demonstration devices used for trade shows, lobby/airport exhibits, and sales/service training.
  • Contract Manufacturing & Engineering - ADC can manufacture specialized industrial products. Simply provide specifications and ADC can provide your company with a quotation. We also do concept and construction product development.
  • Industrial Automation Equipment - Industrial Washers, Welders, and Assembly Systems designed specifically for cells.
  • Rebuild Machinery - In addition to the technology we have for the new machinery, the rebuild and update allows ADC to follow the existing concepts in customer systems.
  • Standard Industrial Products - We also have a standard industrial product line which includes lifting mechanisms, special conveyors, tub dumpers, shuttles, and ergonomic workbenches.
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