Industrial Automation


Turn key solutions for job specific manufacturing machines.

Fully automated assembly, test, weld, clean, cut and trim or any unique operations your specific production line requires. We design and build lean manufacturing equipment for automotive, aerospace, industrial and medical industries.



The washer products are a basic combination of thru-feed and index machines. Low and high pressure pumps, low and high pressure fans, and a variety of materials will provide an efficient cleaning operation.

  • Thru-Feed system or rotary indexing
  • Parts on belt, fixtured or in baskets
  • Linear Indexers
  • Fixtured Parts and Directional Jets


Weld cells, MIG, or resistance with multiple guns and part or gun transfer. Robotic welding cells completed with dials, shuttles, unloaders, fence, operator stations for your plant or we can run your job on our welding system. We run what we sell.

  • ADC standard vertical and horizontal lathe welders
  • A variety of resistance welders are built
  • MIG welders are custom with standard components

Leak Testers

The leak test systems are manual load/unload format applications. However, with high volume productivity we offer a dial or linear indexing system. Additionally electrical test systems can be integrated in the system.

  • The basis of our semi-automated assembly cells is our bench system
  • We supply fixtures, tools, and any test modules
  • Cells can be shipped complete plumbed and wired
  • Cells can also be manual or semi-automatic
  • Pressure Decay
  • Mass Spec
  • Flo-test


ADC revised and updated this high speed concept with a fast, light flexible machine. The Semi standard lathe is a dual spindle vertical machine. Most drill systems are generally custom fixtures with self feed heads.

  • Drilling via multi spindles
  • Dual spindle vertical lathe
  • Sprue removal saws
  • Mechanical and electrical designs
  • Fabrication and machine in-house
  • Prototypes
  • Production quantities
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