Cutaways and Active Displays

Cutaway Engine

We produce cutaways as large as a jet engine to cutaways small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

Adaptive Development Corporation takes on projects that are beyond the capabilities of most others. Because of the diversity and flexibility of ADC's in-house operations, the company can perform even the most complex jobs without relying on outside contractors. For example, ADC has built an entire, 1/4 scale model jet engine, from a print, manufacturing every component part in-house.

We Specialize in the following:

  • Motor Cutaways
  • Engines Cutaways - Static & Dynamic
  • Shock Absorbers Cutaways
  • Compressors Cutaways
  • Pumps/Actuators Cutaways
  • Transmissions and Power Train Cutaways
  • Gear Cutaways
  • Water Heaters/Boilers/Tanks Cutaway
  • Furnaces/Air Conditioners/Room Coolers Cutaway
  • Turbines Cutaway & Models
  • Meters Cutaway
  • Wheel/Brake Assembly Cutaways
  • Many others

ADC can build a cutaway to match your budget. We are able to provide three quality levels based on your budget. Essentially, we can scale a job to meet your pricing needs. Because of the superior appearance/finish on every ADC cutaway or model, the people at ADC like to refer to their products as "industrial jewelry". ADC's products offer:

  • Deluxe, smooth, polished finish on all parts
  • Bright chromium or zinc plating
  • Superior quality painting, with effective use of color to demonstrate the relationship between component parts, or changes in the temperature of fluids, gases, or air as they move through the chambers of a cutaway
  • Prototypes and models expedite engineering development and trade show schedules
  • We provide custom designed durable shipping crates for safe transport to shows and destinations all over the world
  • Use of plastic parts when their presence can better demonstrate the interaction of components
  • Specially fabricated display stands, including your company logo or other promotional identification, special lighting, and clear plastic dust covers when appropriate
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